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Want to learn what goes into making stickers?

We have articles that discuss the process for, designing, creating, and printing stickers. Whether you want to do craft stickers at home using an ink jet printer and Cricut, or you want to learn how the biggest sticker printers out there do it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

As the best online sticker store, Sticker Lots offers dozens of special sticker packs focused on various fun and relatable themes. We’ve got sticker packs based on Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Pride, Quotes, Aesthetics and more. We offer packs in various sizes including 10, 20, 25, 30, and 50 stickers.

All of our cool stickers are vinyl, high quality, and waterproof. They can take whatever you throw at them whether you stick them on water bottles, phone cases, and laptops. 

Sticker sets make the perfect gift for just about anyone and with so many themes, it’s easy to find just the right one.

Yes, all of our stickers are made out of vinyl so they are waterproof, and sun proof.

Yes, we are constantly working on additional sticker packs. Feel free to reach out with your suggestions for future sticker packs. We try to focus on making the most highly requested packs. 

Our sticker packs are made up of unique individual stickers. For example if you order a 25 pack of Minecraft stickers, you will get 25 different Minecraft stickers. If you order multiple packs, you will likely get duplicates.  

At this time, all of our sticker packs are random. However, if you order a pack of 50 stickers, you will get all 50 stickers shown in the product images. 

We ship our stickers via USPS first class mail. For orders under 30 stickers, we ship without tracking. For all orders of 30 stickers or more, we include tracking. Shipping tends to take about a week within the domestic United States. 

If you need your order expedited, we offer priority shipping options at checkout.